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Yoga Therapy Works!
We are a group of Certified Occupational Therapy practitioners
and Yoga instructors specialized in adapting classes to your needs!
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Who can benefit? Everyone!
Yoga therapy is an evidence-based practice proven to improve health and wellness.

Mission Statement

 We believe in empowering people through the power of connection to be the most comfortable in the body they were given to achieve meaningful occupation regardless of age, race, gender, or orientation.

We offer yoga therapy classes lead by our trained and experienced certified Occupational Therapy practitioners and yoga instructors.

Most insurances accepted!

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Teen's Yoga

Individual, Group, and Virtual Classes are available

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Discover the

Power of Yoga Therapy

Specialized for Individuals with Disabilities. 

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21 small business of the year finalist
Jennifer E.
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Thank you!, Cheryl!
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My husband has been in and out of various forms of occupational and physical therapy for balance, strength, endurance and cognition for about 3 years now. It was not until after he started working with Cheryl that I really started to notice a difference. I was shocked one evening when he offered to clear the table and hopped right up to do that, then, later the cat lost her toy under the sofa and he just got right down on the floor and got it out for her and then got right back up. Before, he pretty much grew roots in the recliner and if he ever got to the floor it was a major ordeal and he needed a lot of help to get back up. I also notice he is overall more sharp cognitively. Cheryl's unique blend of occupational therapy and yoga really is working where nothing else has. It is the collection of simple things that make life worth living.
Shelly L.
Shelly L.
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Cheryl has been teaching my son yoga for almost a year. She is knowledgable, patient, and engaging. He looks forward to her private class with him each week! I am aware of the immense benefits yoga brings to him. Emotionally, Physically, and Spiritually. I am very grateful for the peace and connection she is able to inspire in him!
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Thank you so much for yoga today. The children really enjoyed your class. All of our children sat through yoga which is a first. You were engaging with the children and tried to help them with their form. You made sure the children were happy, you did the poses the children enjoyed as well as showing them new ones that were fairly simple for them to do. The poses flowed from one step to the next making it easy for the children to follow. I think they got a lot out of this yoga class. The relaxation at the end was a nice new touch for the children and playing the bowl after the final statement was very rewarding for them. They got the opportunity to chose someone to be next and they did really well with that. They each picked someone that had not been picked. I as the teacher was super proud of them, that was the first time I have seen them so free willing to share and pick someone that maybe was not even their best friend. Yoga was empowering today. They had a lot of firsts today in yoga and I think they truly enjoyed it. Thank you so much for coming today.
Kathy Randolph
Kathy Randolph
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Cheryl is a skilled and compassionate teacher, well trained and very experienced in working with people with special needs. I highly recommend her and I know all her students will enjoy taking yoga in a safe and welcoming environment, in classes designed to meet their needs.
Dan Kelleher
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I highly recommend that you call Cheryl with Soul 2 Soul Yoga. She's an absolute true professional and really knows what she's doing!!
Linda A.
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Cheryl has a knack for getting kids to engage with her. I have noticed a lot of improvements with my daughter’s ability to calm herself and self soothe. We are very pleased with the therapy she receives with Soul to Soul. Thank you.

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