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Specialized Yoga Therapy
For every Body.
Individualized Classes for all ages and abilities!
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Yoga Therapy Works!
We are a group of Certified Occupational Therapy practitioners
and Yoga instructors specialized in adapting classes to your needs!
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Who can benefit? Everyone!
Yoga therapy is an evidence-based practice proven to improve health and wellness.

Mission Statement

 We believe in empowering people through the power of connection to be the most comfortable in the body they were given to achieve meaningful occupation regardless of age, race, gender, or orientation.

We offer yoga therapy classes lead by our trained and experienced certified Occupational Therapy practitioners and yoga instructors.

Most insurances accepted!

Our Services

Teen's Yoga

Individual, Group, and Virtual Classes are available

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Discover the

Power of Yoga Therapy

Specialized for Individuals with Disabilities. 

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