The Club Sandwich

More than just the sandwich generation. We have more layers.

Why in the world would we have a picture of a club sandwich as part of a blog post? 

This is what the special needs siblings are referred to. We are a generation taking care of our siblings with special needs, parents that are aging, and our own families. Then add what ever else that you have in your life- career, entrepreneur, kids, dogs, self care. These are all layers so we are not just a sandwich. I was interviewed for On The Edge podcast with April Mahoney. Take a listen. We take a deep dive into what that means and how to cope.

What does this have to do with Yoga? 

“and the mind becomes fit for concentration”- The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

We all have choices. We could choice to let the craziness of our world break us or we just become the flow. Yoga was designed to prepare the body for meditation. Meditation helps keep our minds at peace. The world is nuts right now. Watch the news. Then, you have our own layers of the sandwich. You have the right to your emotions but it is your choice as to what to do with the energy given with those emotions. 

Our Layers

“One expert put it plainly: Siblings of people with disabilties have all the same hardships as parents-only for longer. As another writer put it, the impact of having a sibling with autism never ends. Parents usually die first, and we siblings are left to sort things out” – How To Be the Sister, Eileen Garvin

We are left to sort things out. It is what it is. It can’t be changed. So, keep the mind fit for concentration. 

To the siblings reading this post, please check out Sibnet on Facebook. Sorry parents, you are not allowed. You will have the support you will need to figure out all your layers. This has been huge for support.

Stay tuned as Sibshops are coming soon.

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