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Soul to Soul Yoga is owned and operated by Cheryl Albright. She has been featured both local and national media.
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 Yoga Can Meet The Needs

Over 251 million families in the United States are caring for someone with special needs or a disability. Special needs can be physical, neurological, or mental/behavioral health concerns. Did you know that Yoga can help?

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cherylwihkidBradenton Herald

A little more than a year ago, Jeff, whose last name is not being used to protect his privacy, began getting visits at his United Celebral Palsy group home in Palmetto from Cheryl Albright, an occupational therapist with 14 years of experience who is also the owner/operator of a new Bradenton yoga business that makes house calls called Soul to Soul Yoga.

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Sarasota Health 2018

” A yoga teacher helps her clients with disabilities”…

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REAL Exclusive

Some physicians are now prescribing or suggesting yoga for all sorts of medical conditions. That’s appreciated! But now what? Do they have recommendations or will you be left on your own to find one? Most won’t really know how to explain yoga other than to have their patients go for stretching and strengthening. It’s also likely they won’t know where to send them and it’s possible they think all yoga practices are the same. How is the patient supposed to know how to safely treat their body with Yoga if they are not instructed by medical professionals?…..

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Podcasts And Radio Shows

The Relationship Restaurantrelationshiprest

“With the Holiday shopping season on the go Poppy and Geoff bring the very special Cheryl Albright, creator of Soul To Soul Yoga project, to help us on alleviating all of the stress of the season. Not only does Cheryl help people alleviate some of that stress but she also brings that to all kinds of people with special needs.”

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Nella-Jois Nationnellajoi

Cheryl Albright, owner of a yoga facility in Sarasota, Fl., works to help people understand the benefits of yoga in maximizing their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. Today we talk with her about how Soul to Soul Yoga is helping people with disabilities to maximize their potential, by making the healing and strenghthening art of yoga accessible to everyone.

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On The Edge With April Mahoney

Brains are you that sibling thats’ entire life has been submerged or maybe even suffocated by the needs and demands of a dis-able, troubled or mentally challenged brother or sister? Have you ever talked about it? Do you hurt inside with anger holding on to feelings of neglect and resentment toward your parents that are now suppressed inside your body and emotions? Are you tight and depressed because of never being able to release the bitterness you feel or felt? Come listen to my guest Cheryl Albright  open up to release the pressure and some pain with yoga, compassion, God and love. Heady right!?

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Ability podcastabilityicon

Jacob typically interviews people with disabilities. He interviewed Cheryl Albright instead. Her brother is nonverbal and this is what she has to say

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Living Regret Freedrgay-e

“She is an occupational therapist and yoga teacher for the Special Child and talks about how she got started in business, when she started practicing yoga and why, and where she got her training.”

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Speaking Topics


Special Needs Siblings

Disability Awareness and Training

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