occupational therapy

Occupational Therapy Services

We provide a holistic approach to occupational therapy for all ages. We do bill some insurances, take the Gardiner Scholarship (FES), and packages will be available beginning April First. Please click the following link for our therapy interest form to get started.

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child 1:1 yoga therapy

Children's Yoga 1:1 yoga therapy

Children’s yoga therapy is provided by yoga teachers that have been trained in the Yoga For The Special Child (R) Sonia Sumar Method (TM).We offer 1:1 classes at home, our facility, virtually, and we can even come out to their school! We are specialized in treating children with autism, downs syndrome, cerebral palsy, behavioral disorders, developmental delays, and more. Areas we target include attention, emotional regulation, motor control, strength, balance, visual scanning, and more! If your child is struggle with sleep, mood or emotional regulation, balance, or attention to task, give yoga therapy a try!

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adult yoga therapy

Adult Yoga Therapy

Our adult yoga therapy sessions are open to anyone that is interested. We are experienced treating adults with a history of Parkinson’s disease, arthritis, scleroderma, stroke, cerebral palsy, and more. Classes are offered at home, our facility, adult day centers, and virtually! Yoga therapy can help address range of motion, flexibility, balance and fall prevention, and improved breathing.

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group yoga instruction

Group Yoga Instruction

We do provide group yoga instruction at a variety of price points and abilities. We have a donation class every Friday evening that is open to everyone that can participate regardless of their ability to pay. Proceeds go to local nonprofits in the counties we serve. We offer discounts for seniors and people with disabilities. Our classes are limited in size and availability within COVID guidelines.

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virtual classes and therapy

Virtual Classes & Therapy

Most everything we provide in person can be provided online. We all discovered the power of virtual meeting during the pandemic. If you are not in our area, this is for you. You can’t get a ride to us, this is for you. If you are a busy parent and just don’t want to run another errand, this is for you. 

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Children's contracted group class

Corporate or Contract Yoga Services

We provide services at a variety of local schools, adult day training centers, and senior programs. If you run an organization that would like therapeutic yoga program or want to offer yoga to your staff, please schedule a time to have a conversation.

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This is a very important part of what we offer as the CEO is an autism sibling.
For the adults who run them and for the agencies that sponsor them, Sibshops are evidence of their loving concern for the family member who will have the longest-lasting relationship with a person who has a disability.  However, for the kids who attend them, Sibshops are lively, pedal-to-the-metal events where they will:
  • Meet other sibs (usually for the first time);
  • Have fun;
  • Talk about the good and not-so-good parts of having a sib with special needs with others who “get it”;
  • Play some great games;
  • Explore how other brother and sisters handle sticky situations sometimes faced by brothers and sisters;
  • Laugh
  • Learn about the services their brothers and sister receive; and
  • Have some more fun!

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Cheryl Albright, CEO and Founder

Community Education & Training

Cheryl Albright, the CEO and founder provides continuing education for occupational therapists, yoga therapists, yoga teachers, parents, and community members. She speaks on a variety of different topics including sensory processing, sleep impact on function, trauma, working with individuals with limited language and much more.
Please check out her blog as well as our events page for more information
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