Children & Teen Yoga Therapy

Our Children and Teen Yoga classes are adapted by our dual Certified occupational therapy practitioners & Yoga Instructors to target your child's specific therapy needs. We offer 1:1 classes at home, our facility, virtually, and we can even come out to their school! We are specialized in treating children with autism, downs syndrome, cerebral palsy, behavioral disorders, developmental delays, and more. Areas we target include attention, emotional regulation, motor control, strength, balance, visual scanning, and more! Most insurances accepted. We are also partnered with Gardiner Scholarship!

Adult and Older Adult Yoga Therapy

Our adult yoga classes are open to anyone that is interested. We are experienced treating adults with a history of parkinson's disease, arthritis, scleroderma, stroke, cerebral palysy, and more. Classes are offered at home, our facility, adult day centers, and virtually! We are also partnered with Medicare! Find out more about our insurance or self pay options.

Group Yoga Therapy & Contracts

We offer children and adult group yoga classes for various facilities, schools, and summer camps! Want us to bring a yoga group to your school, summer or camp, or facility? Or are you looking to get started with a small group for your children and their friends? Either way, Contact us to learn more about our small group classes or contract options with your facility!

Family Yoga Therapy

Our family yoga class is a great way to reconnect with your family and share in the experience of yoga! Why not get the kids together for some fun and relaxing family bonding! Contact us for more info!

Continuing Education Events

We provide continuing education units and events for our provider family! We also often partner with ABA to provide live and virtual educational workshops, lectures, and classes. which are submitted through CE Broker to meet your licensure renewal requirements!

Virtual Classes/ Telehealth

We provide online virtual classes for all of our services. Since we are therapy based, we are able to bill your insurance as a Tele Health service. Contact us to find out more !

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